Tongue and Cheek Episode 1 (Phatics) Tongue and Cheek Episode 2: Breath and Incidental Vocalizations—with Jonathan Gordon— (Vocalise: Producing) Tongue and Cheek Episode 3: Articulating, Containing, Hesitating—with Morgan Garrett— (Vocalise: Shaping) Tongue and Cheek Episode 11: Offsite (Vocalise) Tongue and Cheek Episode 13: Cordially (Socialise) Tongue and Cheek Episode 14: Valve Lash (Vocalise) Tongue and Cheek Episode 16: Waist Voice—with David Dixon— (Vocalise) Tongue and Cheek Episode 18: Borrowing Tellings—with Dan J. Ruppel (Ventriloquize) Tongue and Cheek Episode 19: Resonators—with Zack Winokur (Vocalise) Tongue and Cheek Episode 20: Windows Mirrors Floors (Vocalise) Tongue and Cheek Episode 21: Crowds Tongue and Cheek Episode 22: Liquid Breath (Vocalise)
In grade school when you learn how plants work, at the same time, how human work, how the blood circling around makes its way back up your legs, you place a piece of celery in a cup of water and food coloring. You watch the red, blue or maybe yellow march its way up the stem and to its leaves.
model Maypoles and Braids
press release, model maypoles at Da, 2020 Two or more people have a conversation in a room and then leave it. They leave the room and leave the conversation. The conversation is left in the room. But it has no story. It hasn’t been left with a story. There is no “about.” It is a […]
Bottles and Diaries of Routine Ghosts
A bottle’s open top is its horizon. The stopping access of the world. Gravity moves up rather than down. The terrain of a ghost trap. The view from the lobster. Building a ship in a bottle means building it underwater or at least already lost at sea. From a remove. It takes patience and care always at a remove. My nose always on the other side of glass. Patience, care, remove, fragility Bottles grown from seed, transplanted several times and trained to climb. Hanging in a shorter space than where they were grown, uprooted and roots uplifted. Diaries that track each vine and their transplanting. A tracking of the routine presence of watching them.
To Do Before Washing Hands
Installed as a part of Dump Camp, a conference and sequence of performances organized and led by Bethany Ides and Ari Fredman in a lecture-class series at Cooper Union. On these prints are images of a hand with reminders and to-do lists written on them. Some of the images show a wet hand, with handwriting […]
Teaching Documents
Moments that uncover indecisions, or masked spelling mistakes—where an erring “a” in “differance” has been gently transformed into an “e.” Hesitations, misspellings, and auto-corrections in teaching.